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As someone who cares about the terrible burden of chronic pain in our community, I am writing to seek your support for the Campaign for Pain.

Management of pain, especially chronic pain is one of the most neglected areas of health care in Australia. This is hard to believe when pain is the most common reason people visit their GP.

Chronic pain can impact a person's whole life - their physical and mental well-being, ability to work and relationships with family and friends.

That's why I have joined the Campaign for Pain and why I am asking you to support it.

As a respected community leader you have the capacity to help change the lives of millions of Australians living with pain.

Please read the Campaign for Pain information kit and Call to Action and consider what you can do to help make pain a national health priority.

At least 3.5 million Australians and their families will thank you.

Yours faithfully,
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